CREW: Capucine 🍫

Name Capucine Tignon

Age 18, I will turn 19 in March 👼🏼

Position All-Round Intern

Bonjour! My name is Capucine and I'm from France. I've started my internship at JUTKA & RISKA in Amsterdam two months ago and also moved to this cool city together with my friend and fellow intern Valentine. I love working at JUTKA & RISKA because the company is basically the coolest! I love the different workplaces, from our stores in the Amsterdam city centre to our beautiful showroom. Who doesn't like to be surrounded with pretty clothes and nice, funny colleagues? I'm excited to learn about running a company and to help organizing the stock, improving the stores and webshop and increase brand awareness by starting up the collaborations with platforms such as Imparfaite and Asos Marketplace.

Favorite JUTKA & RISKA piece?
The Dotted wrap dress is my current favorite, but I have to admit I also have a little crush on the vintage customized blazers with feathers.

Favorite spare time activity?
I LOVE listening to music and singing along (even if I sing very off key). I also love going shopping with my mom and friends. After a long day I love watching my favorite Netflix series of the moment and eat loads of Milka chocolat. But you can also always call me for a good party! I'm a true party animal 🥳