Nickname: Levi

Age: 23

Function: assistant shop manager

My name is Levente Darvas, 23 years old and I’m working as an Assistant Shop manager at Jutka & Riska for year so far. During the Coronavirus I had way too much free time on my hands, but nothing to do, so I asked if I could help a few days a week. A few months later I got the position as Assistant Manager.

My day at Jutka & Riska
In the morning I start with coffee what I get from the neighbor. I chat with my college and then I make a planning for the day with Bianca. Basically, every day Is different, so I never be bored. Every day is a different expectation. I do a lot of things at Jutka & Riska as an assistant shop manager. Basically, all kinds of work in the store and downstairs as well. I also do the distribution of clothes and the supplies. At the moment I work a lot with the project of the Bijenkorf.

Favorite piece of (vintage) clothing?
Mine is the Vintage Yves Saint Laurent pied de poule print blazer. It’s an iconic piece and it fits amazing. The option with formal outfits or with jeans or something.

What I love to do in my spare time
In my spare time I like to cook, paint, or just walk around the city with my friends.