Hey! My name is Lisa Schotvanger and I’m 18 years old.
I’m an intern at JUTKA & RISKA for the upcoming four months for five days a week. Until this far I really like to be here. I ran into the company on Instagram and the style of JUTKA & RISKA really spoke to me. That was when I decided to get in contact through my education.

I’m a very creative person and I like to be busy with fashion, but I also like to draw and take pictures. Also, I really like hanging out with my friends and to go out. I study Junior Fashion Design at the ROC of Amsterdam in Hilversum. I really enjoy it there!

At JUTKA & RISKA I really like the outspoken summer dresses and the oversized blazers. They’re amazing because it is something else, and that’s what I like.

The most fun thing I did so far in Amsterdam was this summer. I cycled with my family through Amsterdam and I had a picknick with friends in the Vondelpark. I would recommend it to everyone!

The first thing I’m going to plan when COVID is over, is a good party with friends until the sun comes up.