Hi everyone!
My name is Elisabeth Steenvoorden and I am 21 years old. I’m a spontaneous girl who loves to hang out with my friends. First I did an internship for half a year and since January I am the photography assistent.

I wanted to do my internship at a fun company and then I ended up at JUTKA & RISKA! I study at the Photography Academy in Amsterdam, next to that I also work at a beachclub when the weather is nice.

Vintage shopping is my thing, that’s why I can’t wait until the lockdown is over. I love the accessories at JUTKA & RISKA a because they are well priced and of good quality.

What I love the most about Haarlem is that you can sail through the canals and there are loads of small, fun boutiques. There is enough to do, so you can walk around the city for hours.

The first thing I’m going to do when everything is over is to go out for dinner with a big group of friends, and getting my nails done.