Nickname Louis

Age I’d rather not tell 😋

Function Internship junior stylist

Hey guys! My name is Louis and I’m an intern junior stylist at JUTKA & RISKA. I’m in my last year as a junior stylist at the Alfa College in Groningen. I wanted to learn more about fashion and saw a vacancy on the internet and I applied for the position of junior stylist. I think JUTKA & RISKA is an inspiring company.

My day at JUTKA & RISKA
I get up and take a shower. And go to internship by train. My day looks different I work in the store or go to the world fashion center to pick out vintage. And do work in the store and behind the scenes.

Favorite piece of (vintage) clothing?
Hats, they are nice and match my face.

Favorite spare time activity?
Now, not that much. Listening to music and watching movies.