Nickname: Zoezoe, Zootje

Age: 25

Function: Marketing Intern

Hi, my name is Zoë-May and I’m 25 years old. In September is started my internship at Jutka & Riska. During my study at TMO Fashion business school I developed an interest in marketing. I just love the concept of social media where you can express through photos and videos. When I came for my job interview, I was immediately excited. A little shop with a lot of vintage and colors. I became happy when I saw the colors and felt very welcome.

My day at Jutka & Riska
I start my day with coffee, especially coffee latte with caramel. I drink my coffee in the train to Amsterdam. Then I walk from the station to the store where I start my day as a marketing intern at Jutka & Riska. Every day is different. I am engaged in activities such as the online marketing, webshop and social media. 

Favorite piece of (vintage) clothing?
I think my favorite piece of clothing is jeans. I have a lot of jeans. You can combine everything with jeans. And you have many different types of jeans and colors. I love to combine it with chunky sneakers or my Dr Martens.

What I love to do in my spare time
In my spare time I love to roller skate. I roller skate since I was 3 years old. I also love to cook and make pictures with my friends for social media. In the weekend I love to go out with my friends and drink cocktails.