Nickname: lief, maat

Age: 19

Function: junior stylist intern

My name is Madelief and I am 19 years old. I study at ROC zuid as junior stylist, and I am in my second year. I sometimes went shopping in the street Haarlemmerdijk and always found Jutka & Riska a nice store en kept it in mind for when I had to do an internship. And as soon as I had to do an internship from school, I applied at Jutka & Riska.

My day at Jutka & Riska
I get up and get on the bike, which is a 5-minute bike ride to the store. But every day is different, this week, for example I had to help at the shop on Bilderdijk all week. Sometimes I also have to go to the world fashion center to help pick out the vintage clothes. In addition, I help keep the store tidy and I enter new Items in the system.

Favorite piece of (vintage) clothing?
Jackets, finish your look or give an extra touch to your look.

What I love to do in my spare time
In my spare time I enjoy being outside with friends and walk a lot. I also often go to terraces.