I’m Noor Willemsen, 17 years old and I’m currently interning at JUTKA & RISKA 4 days a week. I’m in my fifth week of my internship and despite the store being closed, I really love my internship here. I already was following the store on Instagram and I always loved the clothes, so when I ran into the vacancy on Stagemarkt I immediately applied. 

I love fashion and that’s why I am currently studying Junior Stylist at the ROC Mondriaan in The Hague. Furthermore I do less in my spare time than I would want to due to the virus, but luckily I can still see some friends every now and then on a distance.

I really like the hats, caps and jewelry of the collection because it really styles your outfit.

I’m not that familiar with Amsterdam, because it’s quite far from my hometown. But when I’m there, I love to shop in the 9 streets, go to markets or walk around the canals. There is always a cosy and shameless vibe in Amsterdam, which I like!

The first thing I’m going to do when COVID is over, probably like everyone, is partying with my friends and going out or having drinks on a terrace. I can’t wait!