Nickname: Roos

Age: 19

Function: Assistant manager bilderdijk

My name is Roosje and I am 19 years old. I took a gap year and actually decided that I would take another gap year to earn some extra money and so some creative activities for myself. Two and a half years ago, through a friend, I ended up at Jukta & Riska who regularly came to visit the store here and eventually I did too. I thought it is a nice shop and it looked nice, so I applied here.

My day at Jutka & Riska
I like to sleep in, and I prefer to stay in bed until the last minute. Usually, I first get food for the lunchbreak and then I go to the store by bike. When I’m in the store I pick out an outfit for that day. When it’s busy in the store with customers, I spend a lot of time on the shopping floor. And when it’s less busy, I deal with things behind the scenes. But also hanging new items in the store or styling the store itself. When I’m done with work, I often go out to hang with friends.

Favorite piece of (vintage) clothing?
Pantalon, because you combine it with everything.

What I love to do in my spare time
With friend to cafes and painting and drawing.