CREW: Isa 🌼

Name Isa 

Age 23

Function Seamstress/upcycle specialist

Hii everyone, I’m Isa and I have worked at JUTKA & RISKA since October 2023, so for 5 months now. What I love about working at JUTKA & RISKA is the creativity in the clothes. It is one of the few stores I know that sells customized clothing made at their atelier in Amsterdam. It makes every piece unique and fun. 🤩 Since I also work sometimes in the stores I can see the full life circle of the customized clothing & it makes me extra happy if we sell customized pieces to our customers.

What are your goals within the company?
My goals are to learn more about how creativity & commercial fashion can go together in customized items & bring this to a higher level. I would also love to do more customizing on the spot, like we did last year for sustainability month in our pop-up store in Batavia Stad. This event was all about sustainability and giving your old clothes a new life instead of throwing them away. 💞

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I love to do creative things like crocheting bags for my own brand, which we also sell here at JUTKA & RISKA. I also love to spend my free days in museums, especially the ones with modern art. 

What is your favorite JUTKA & RISKA item?
I am in love with all our faux fur items, like the mittens & bucket hats. But I also love the vintage cropped customized tailored coats, especially the lilac one! ✨