CREW: Nikki 🐆

Name Nikki

Age 18 

Function Sales assistant

Hi everyone! I’m Nikki and I have been working at JUTKA & RISKA for about 6 months now! One of the main reasons I like working at JUTKA & RISKA is the unique combination of vintage and new items we offer. I find it very refreshing to get to work in such a diverse store! 💖

What are your goals within the company?
My goal within the company is to keep creatively renewing the Haarlem store, and to keep advising our customers so that everyone can leave our stores with a purchase they are excited about! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I love to run, read, get coffees ☕️ and to go shopping with my girlfriends :) 

What is your favorite JUTKA & RISKA item?
My favorite JUTKA & RISKA item would have to be the faux fur leopard print bucket hat! 🐆 I bought it a while ago and can’t stop wearing it ;)