de Bijenkorf x Jutka & Riska

Dear All,

As you may have already seen on Instagram, we can finally share the amazing news about our collaboration with the Bijenkorf. From August 5th, JUTKA & RISKA will fill both the physical and digital shelves of all existing the Bijenkorf locations with a mix of beautiful vintage pieces.

In recent months we have worked very hard on all the preparations surrounding this project. Having 4 stores and all the stress and hectics around covid, it has been a very strange time to say the least. The stores that had to be closed in December and the slow stream of customers in a difficult time has hit us hard.

At the beginning of this year we started building a new webshop. We were busy building every minute of the day and people wondered what the hell we could be so busy doing with hardly any customers in the shops.

We could’ve never dreamt that we would have the opportunity to sell our vintage collection at the most beautiful department store in the world. And not one, but all seven of them!

Life is full of surprises and can sometimes feel like a crazy rollercoaster. The past few months have been very scary and surprising,  but also very exciting! We tried to finish everything on time and despite some hiccups. our great team made it happen.

We are incredibly proud of the amazing pieces that have been lovingly selected for the collection and can't wait to show you everything!

Hopefully we'll see you soon in one of the stores in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Utrecht, Maastricht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam or of course online via: 


Lots of love!