JUTKA & RISKA is a fashion label with its own shops. Our collection exists out of own designs, hand-picked vintage, clothes from young designers and new items to combine. Besides clothes, we also sell accessories like jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats and a home collection.🌟

Our creative team is responsible for the designs and production of our own collection. Due to combining the unique and handmade pieces with vintage, work from other jong designers and a selection of new items we create a variety in product as well as in price.

Our team regularly gets approached by festivals as a creative partner. In consultation, we devise a fitting and creative concept, which we then produce, execute and bring under the attention of our fans. Examples of concepts like our customize corner are further on this page.

We not only enjoy adding something to existing festivals, but also organize events ourselves or are hired to take care of the organization and production of an event on our behalf. 

Some useful and fun facts about us to include:

  • Target audience: JUTKA & RISKA primarily targets women between the ages of 16 and 35. In the shops, we exclusively sell womens clothes- and accessories. At festivals we certainly also serve the men with unisex clothes, sunglasses and jewelry.
  • Mission: making innovative and renewing fashion items accessible to a wide audience in an inspiring and creative environment where there is a strong focus on styling.
  • Vision: "If you see nothing, you are not looking hard enough.
    Individual finds become valuable as soon as they enter your own collection.
    It's all in the mix!


  • We create fully styled pop-up shops. Optionally, these may be supplemented with workshops to complete the creative atmosphere.
  • We provide an inspiring and creative environment. 
  • We interact with the festival visitors.
  • We add even more ambience. 
  • We give an extra vibe. We create colorful festival visitors using: bodypaint, clothes, nails and hair decoration.
  • We provide beautiful and professional photos, and a nice keepsake of a great event. 
  • We share our network.
  • We give reassurance for a fitting collection based on the target audience.

We are in love with fashion and creativity, and we like to share this love.💌 
By collaboration, sharing and engaging in interaction, we develop concepts. 
Below are our existing concepts. However, we are always open to developing new ones!

Pop-up shops 🛍
We create fully styled pop-up shops. This can be everywhere, at any event. The pop-up store can be created however you want it to be! If there will be a specific audience at the event we can adjust our selected items to them. If there is a theme at the event we can also adjust our selected items on that. There are numerous possibilities open for discussion! Optionally, the pop-up stores may be supplemented with workshops to complete the creative atmosphere. 

 A customized corner 🧵
The customized corner is a creative place to interact with the visitors. Here, they can unleash their creativity and be themselves. This concept is very accessible and can be applied to all events. It’s a concept where there can be a lot of variety; the possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences.

  • Customized clothing. Visitors can bring their favorite clothing pieces to the customized corner, and we can customize them for the visitors. We will transform them into unique, personalized pieces right before their eyes!

  • Re-use, recycle and re-make. Don't let minor flaws ruin your favorite garments. Visitors can come by for general repairs so that they don’t have to waste their clothing pieces. General repairs mean: repair or replacing (funky) buttons, mending holes, etc. Repairing with patches: (including handmade stars and denim big butterfly patches as attached). We can even crop blazers, blouses, jackets, etc. and repair them with stylish cutouts.                                   
  • Colorful face and body painting. To make the festival more colorful and fun, we can paint faces or body parts in all sorts of figures.
  • Clothing workshops. We organize engaging clothing workshops. Visitors learn new techniques, unleash their creativity, and leave with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  • Feather extensions. To make people feel more special and beautiful, we put feather extensions in the visitors' hair.
  • Nail art. The visitors can come by our nail art services. We can transform their nails into beautiful artworks. Let the creativity be.      

Photobooth 📸
Photo Booths are one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Especially for events, festivals and parties. They are ideal for making your celebration a success and unforgettable. Additionally, they provide your guests with a unique gift: a tangible memento of a fantastic event. It’s even more memorable when it is an experience due to fun accessories. We can provide that for you. 

In collaboration with AFW, we conceived the concept JUTKA & RISKA & FRIENDS. Throughout the day, we hosted fashion shows featuring our own label and other invited brands. Additionally, there were plenty of stunning pop-up shops to explore.