CREW: Dainy 🌷

Name Dainy Smith

Age 21

Function Assistant Manager 

Hi everyone! My name is Dainy and I’ve been working here since September ’23
I like working at JUTKA & RISKA because everyday is different. I work in every Dutch store and I can see the different crowds in every store. That makes this job surprising and exciting everyday. The collection is also very versatile and I love to help people find their perfect item 🌟

What are your goals within the company?
My goal at JUTKA & RISKA is to find my own challenge within the company and learn something new every day. Together with my colleagues, we take care of the stores and items to make as many customers as possible happy with our versatile and cheerful collection.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In addition to my job at JUTKA & RISKA, I run a magazine together with a friend. Cyber Atelier is a creative platform for young creatives to start collaborations, build portfolio work and inspire each other. I started this during my study at Artemis Academie and we are already working on Issue 06 of the magazine. You can find us on Instagram under @cyberatelier 💘 I am also a graphic designer and 3D artist and I am taking courses to further specialize in this.

What is your favorite JUTKA&RISKA item?
My current favorite item is the Big smiley shirt. It matches my smiley tattoo too perfectly. :) But all the smiley items just make me really happy 🥰