CREW: Julia 💛

Name Julia

Age 18

Function Marketing intern

Hii, I'm Julia. I'm 18 years old and I am an intern at JUTKA & RISKA. I started my internship a month and a half ago, in the second week of January. I like working here because I am passionate about fashion. I love everything that includes accessories, clothing etc. I wanted to combine what I like. For me, that is what fashion stands for. The focus of my studies and internship is marketing <3

My goals within JUTKA & RISKA 
My main goal within this company is to contribute to its success by promoting the brand as best I can. 💘

Favourite JUTKA & RISKA item?
I especially like the JUTKA & RISKA jewellery! 💍

Favorite spare time
I like a lot of things outside of work. I like to go out with my loved ones, discover lots of new things and travel around the world ✈️. I also love listening to music and shopping ahah!