CREW: Nouchine 💘

Name Nouchine Bortot

Age  18 

Function Graphic designer intern 

Hi guys! I am Nouchine and I have been working here since the start of February. 
I like working at JUTKA & RISKA because you have a lot of freedom to express your own creativity. You can also just be yourself, and you work with a lot of young and nice people. JUTKA & RISKA is unique and that is what makes is so amazing! 💖

What are your goals within the company?
My goal is to help JUTKA & RISKA create and come up with new ideas. I also want to help grow the TikTok account.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my free time I love to travel, draw, photograph 📸, watch movies, and have drinks with my friends. 🥂

What is your favorite JUTKA & RISKA item?
I actually don’t have a favorite item of JUTKA & RISKA because I love it all! 💘
But I mostly buy jewelry and sweaters at JUTKA & RISKA.