As its name implies, Afghan Coats come from Afghanistan. It was considered as the Afghan national dress, for both boys and for girls. The skins used to made it was bear, fox, goat but mostly karabul, which is a kind of sheep with lots of fur. 

There is 3 different types of Afghan Coats. Sleeveless Afghan Coats are called PUSTINCHAS. Long-sleeved, knee-length Afghan Coats are called PUSTAKIS. Lastly, ankle-length Afghan Coats go by the name PUSTINS.

In the sixties, Afghanistan made several tentative steps toward modernization. Many people came from the all world and Afghan women from poor cities discover a new way of being paid, by the tourists who were happy to spend their money on tourist stuff. Kabul because a popular place among hippies and so the Afghan Coat became a must-have in hippie fashion. The Afghan Coat was spotted on many celebrities and you can spot this trend on many photographs of The Beatles and other bands from the 60's and 70's.

Quickly, because of globalization, Afghan Coats were sold in many stores all over the United States and other Western countries. Thanks to this trend spreading around all the world, Afghan culture spread all over the world. There is a bit of Afghanistan in every Afghan Coat and even if the coat doesn't come from Afghanistan, it reminds us of their culture. 

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